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How to travel 4 free in Italy? Become our Ambassador

Italia Slow Tour staff periodically chooses some new Ambassadors between all the readers sharing their thoughts and travel experiences in Italy with our Community… Participate posting your travel diaries, videos, photos and reportages, next time you will come back to Italy for free as our guest!

Italia Slow Tour AmbassadorNo metter what, you can describe a long route through many different places or focus on a single location/point of interest. What’s your approach? Are you interested in sport? Art and culture? What about food? Shopping? Have you got tips for practicing accessible tourism?

Every experience is interesting!

Share your travel, but in English please! (Videos in your homeland language should be subtitled in English).

Send your travel to info@italiaslowtour.comyou would be selected as our next Italia Slow Tour Ambassador and be our guest in others trips to Italy!

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Meet Italia Slow Tour previous Ambassadors

Elizabeth Key► Elisabeth Key

London, UK

Libby Key is a globetrotter, a passionate writer and a lover of all things Italian. She majored in Italian at Trinity College Dublin and graduated with a distinction in her thesis on Sicilian migration to North America, winning the Evasio Radice prize for graduating top of the class. Based out of Los Angeles up until 2015, she is of Italian heritage with her great-grandfather coming from the Campania region in Italy. She recently moved to London, continuing in her life of travel, and spent time blogging about her journey running the London marathon.

Read: Nomad’s Land: In the Footsteps of Saint Francis, Biccari, a real Italian ‘borgo’, Gargano Getaway.

Kim hardingKim Harding

Edimburgh, Scotland

«A bit about me? Well, I am the founder and CEO of the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling, which takes place for 11 day in June each year. My background is in science, I have degrees in Ecological Science from the University of Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Born in Scotland and a citizen of the world.»

Read: Active tour: Discover Milan by bike! (pt. 1),  Milan active tour: a day at the Idroscalo (pt. 2), Tuscany calling, an MTB tour (day one), From Montecatini to the Marsh Land of Fucecchio (day two).

Wolfgang and GabiWolfgang & Gabi Stein

Munchen, Germany

Wolfgang is a travel guide and a member of the German Cyclist Association (ADFC), for Bavaria area. The local and district associations of the ADFC offer members and non-members several cycle tours throughout Germany of varying difficulty and duration. They also run function as tour operators, organizing and guiding bike travels abroad, promoting biking and active tourism not only for athletes but for everyone who likes slow travel, contact with nature, cycling. He travelled in Italy as Italia Slow Tour Ambassador together with his wife Gabriele, aka Gabi.

Read: Florence Slow Tour!Exploring the Maremma Park, One day at EXPO Milan.

RoxanaRoxana Iacoban


Roxana is a fix contributor of Italia Slow Tour, she is a teacher, a worldwide citizen, a passionate traveler and a good writer. She is very friendly and able to connect with people. Active on social networks, she is in touch with several communities from the countries she used to live: Romania, United States (Portland area) and Norway, as well as Italy where she is living right now teaching English in a private secondary school. She has great International connections and she speaks fluently 4 languages

Read: Western Sicily Slow Tour: (ep.1) Sikania emotional trip, (ep.2) Sicilian Food, (ep.3) Agrigento beauty walks, (ep.4) San Biagio Platani, the bread arches. Milan, Urban Railway Slow Tour: (ep.1) Certosa di Garegnano, (ep.2) Santa Maria della Fontana, (ep.3) Collezione Branca Museum, (ep.4) Villa Necchi Campiglio, (ep.5) Chiaravalle Abbey & Nocetum Centre. Piedmont & Wine Slow Tour: (ep.1) Turin, (ep.2) Discover Chieri: history and the city, (ep.3) Are you a foodie? Italy is the place to be, (ep.4) Di Freisa in Freisa, the event.

Tanja and SvetlanaTanja Volobueva & Svetlana Kaledina

Moscow (Russia)

Tanja: Born and raised in Moscow, Russia. At the age of 25 years old decided to become the human of the world and started her way from moving in Rome to study photography. Now is living in Milan and working as fashion and reportage photographer.

Svetlana: Russian writer and travel blogger. Special correspondent of “Sapog” – russian magazine and website in Italy. In her articles she tells about travels, food and fashion.

Read: My untypical Italy: Cammino Francescano della Marca, Art weekend in Milan style.

Chiara Assi► Chiara Assi


Chiara is a world traveler based in Switzerland. After completing her higher education in the Unites States, she has divided her time between writing and following her dream of visiting new and exciting places. An outdoors enthusiasts, she hikes, bikes and skis her way through Europe on a regular basis. Other wise, you will find her at home, either experimenting in the kitchen or on the couch, dreaming up her next adventure.

Read: Milan, a place where stuff happens, Marche Express: Roaming the streets of Ancona, Weekend in Umbria.

Dries and NeleDries Janssens & Nele Steukers

Mechelen (Belgium)

«We are passionate holiday (and everyday) bikers. We don’t believe we have ever not travelled by bike since we were students. And we’ve kept biking ever since. We went to France, Italy, Belgium, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark and Luxemburg. We also have two sons, Sander and Bram, and from the age of 1,5 we took them with us on bike holiday in a Chariot trailer. So the only way to travel they know is by bike! We like to enjoy the good things in life: good food, good drinks with good friends and good play. We like authentic things. We like being close to nature and enjoy its calming and revitalising effects.»

Read: Bicycle Trip Tuscany: Montecatini Terme by Nele, Bike Experience around Montecatini Terme by Dries.

Silvia and VincentVincent Van Valen & Silvia Palmarini

Netherlands -Italy

She is Italian, he is Dutch and they met in Spain. After living in Bologna, where they studied not only a master education but also the local cuisine, they moved to the Netherlands for a new adventure. Passionate about fine food, they cannot live without Italian pizza e gelato. Every year they want to go to a different country but they end up in one of Italy’s beautiful regions for a relaxing holiday and a great cultural experience.

Read: Slow tour through the Apennines of ModenaOur day trip in Ferrara, The good politics of Castel del Giudice, Slow Tour in Veneto.

Virginia MerliniVirginia Merlini

Hardware City (US)

Born in the Hardware City – New Britain, Connecticut – where her grandparents moved from the Valtellina to work in the factories – Virginia Merlini is an almost-retired academic whose research interests require lots of time in Italy with a camera and good walking shoes. Virginia spent three years getting her Italian citizenship and now spends as much time as possible in Italy visiting a different town each day and taking fabulous photos of her two special themes – Wall Madonna’s and doors – and all the surrounding architecture, scenery, and culture one finds them in. Her passion is all things Italian and sharing that passion through her travel journals.

Read: A walk around Lecco and PescarenicoVarese: The Sacro Monte of the Rosary, Lecco: Colico and the Piona AbbeyUmbria: Agello, Bettona and Spello, Five hours in Rome!Cremona, the violin city, Slow tour through the villages of ValtellinaMonza: the legend of Queen Theodelinda, Slow Tour on the Lake ComoCalcata, an ancient town redeemed by hippies, Milan: Art of the Naviglio MartesanaLake Como: The Lariana Boat Collection.

George Teker► George Teker

South Africa

«I worked for Barclays, I.B.M. & AT&T and various tour companies before becoming a Tour Operator. I was a journalist and writer and helped create ‘Operation Reach Out’ in South Africa in 1989, a popular movement that helped lead to the end of Aparheid. I am the only man who has crossed the entire Namib desert on foot, without support and off-road and have done the Grand Traverse of Drakensburg in South Africa in winter – twice. Only 5 people have done this in winter. I was the co-leader of the South African Andes/Inca expedition that, in an attempt to find the lost Inca capital of Paititi, found 17 series of previously unknown ancient ruins, as well as the remains of a third Inca road deep in the Amazon Jungle. I am passionate about life and the need to conserve nature, having been very involved in the conservation of the desert Elephant in Namibia when it was still a threatened species. I am both humbled and proud to have been associated with Slow Travel since 2016.»

Read: Spiritual trekking on “La via di Francesco”