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syusy blady and patrizio roversi

Syusy Blady & Patrizio Roversi are hosts, writers and directors of highly-successful television shows in Italy. Across their 30-year-long careers, both singly and as a team, they have conceived formats that hold pride of place in Italian television history, while collaborating with artists of national and international renown on TV and in film. They are known to the mass public above all as the Turisti per Caso – Accidental Tourists – a definition which is not only the name of what has become a cult show on Italian television, it also communicates a way of seeing and talking about the world that has given birth to the very first travel community in Italy:

Italia Slow Tour is an international travel community specialized in English coverage about Italy. Launched during Expo Milan 2015, it provided original content to official event websites. During 2017, users from 130 different countries accessed the website. We aim to become a reference point for the worldwide travelers coming to Italy, encouraging travel bloggers and travel enthusiasts to share their experiences with our Community! Meanwhile, everyone can join for free Italia Slow Tour and get access to special travel deals and sales. Subscribe #italiaslowtour webletter to stay updated.

Italia Slow Tour was also a TV programme broadcasted by Italian National TV from 2012 to 2015. It presented unconventional itineraries in Italy as well, with a «SLOW» approach: both in the way of travelling and in the attitude. The show achieved considerable success by doubling the network audience, with more than 1.2 million contacts per episode. Never stop travelling, discover unconventional Italy through our web series and videos!

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The Velisti per Caso website (, created as an offshoot of a famous Italian TV programme, is an active community in areas regarding sailing, ecology and sustainability. It covers the activities of the sailboat Adriatica which is involved in projects promoting solidarity and the spread of science (among our partners: Telefood FAO, INFN & CERN)

Syusy Blady is very active in eco-sustainability and environmental issues. Through her blog, Nomadizziamoci, she promotes initiatives relating to intercultural, women’s and nomad issues. She is involved in the European Community’s GEMMA project.