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Dolomites: The Mountain and Its Rules

The UNESCO heritage mountains and the ancient Ampezzo Rules

Patrizio Roversi’s Slow Tour through Veneto arrives at the Dolomite peaks with Sheean, a traveller painter who uses watercolours to depict the feelings of the voyage!

We meet the Regional Park of the Dolomites Director in Cortina d’Ampezzo, who looks after the breathtaking splendour of these UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We look how the long-standing “Regole” (rules) work, they states that the community has continuous ownership over 16,000 hectares of woodlands and meadows surrounding Cortina. This maintains the community’s unbreakable bond with the land and keeps it safe from speculative activity.

Next, we encounter two actual “regolieri” (rule keepers) as we descend towards Pieve di Cadore. The agricultural tradition embodied in communal stables becomes an essential stronghold for Cortina’s survival and the preservation of a clean environment. The challenge is to engage the youth in continuing this dialogue between tradition and the future. For those who live it, the mountain is a way of existence, a passion that surpasses any difficulty.

Italia Slow Tour

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