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The Botanical Garden of Padua and the History of Coffee

The oldest botanical garden in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Patrizio Roversi and his travel companion Chef Hiro explore the Botanical Garden of Padua with Telmo Pievani, discovering the strategies nature employs for ecological transition.

While plants may appear stationary, their ability to adapt to climate change surpasses that of humans! The primary rule for plants to enhance resilience is maximizing biodiversity, illustrated by the history of coffee.

Originally from Africa, coffee was spread worldwide by the Venetians, adapting and multiplying its varieties everywhere. Modern agriculture often does the opposite, simplifying matters and flattening biodiversity, resulting in a more fragile environment prone to risks. Let’s learn from nature!

The Botanical Garden of Padua hosts over 3,500 plant species and is the only garden globally endorsed by UNESCO. Have you ever visited it?

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