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Mount Grappa: Man & Nature, Tradition & Culture

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with a great balance between the environment and humans

Patrizio Roversi‘s journey through the UNESCO Heritage sites of Veneto continues, together with Sheean, an artist-tourist from the Bahamas.

The Astego Vegetational Garden in Pieve del Grappa is a representation of the many natural habitats one encounters while ascending Mount Grappa from the plains. The President of the Mount Grappa Biosphere Reserve, Annalisa, describes how this area was recognised by UNESCO in 2021 for maintaining a balance between the environment and humans.

We proceed to Seren del Grappa, where we meet the family of Leonardo and Beatrice, who made the decision to live permanently in the mountains following a major life change. Here, they’ve started an agritourism and farm, and by setting a good example, they’ve helped small mountain towns come back to life through sustainable tourism.

Italia Slow Tour

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