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The Jujube Broth of Arquà Petrarca

A true local delicacy in the province of Pauda, on the Euganean Hills

Arquà Petrarca is a medieval village among the most beautiful in Italy, in the province of Padua on the Euganean Hills. Here, you can taste a true local delicacy, the jujube broth!

Jujubes are small ancient fruits that come from afar and have never been intensively cultivated, only in a family context, remaining a rare product. The slightly unripe jujubes resemble olives and have a flavor reminiscent of apples, while when mature, they turn scarlet and become very sweet, almost like dates (hence called “Chinese dates”).

They can be eaten both fresh and somewhat dried and can be transformed in many ways, not only for culinary purposes; for example, jujubes can also be used to make highly nourishing cosmetics. The most famous variant is undoubtedly the Jujube Broth, the typical liqueur of Arquà Petrarca! Take a virtual taste with our correspondent, Patrizio Roversi.

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