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 Florence Slow Tour: The Medici Renaissance

Camper Tour of Florence Medici Villas, UNESCO Heritage Sites

Let’s recap Syusy Blady’s slow camper tour in Tuscany, where she went to visit some of the most beautiful Medici Villas around Florence, a UNESCO World Heritage site! This is where the Italian Renaissance was born, and these villas had to depart from the medieval residences, which were fortifications suitable for defense, to become true places of delight and the good life!

Each villa has a unique history and features that reflect the personality of the illustrious figure who inhabited it… One last tip for tourists who find themselves hot and tired in the center of Florence: take a bike ride along the Arno River and if you need an oasis of peace in the heart of the city, head to the Botanical Garden, or Garden of simplicity!

Italia Slow Tour

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