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Web Serie: Savona and the Sea Slow Tour

Sightseeing tour discovering the important maritime city and the area nearby

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Video List

  1. Savona and the Sea, history of the city
  2. Savona: a sightseeing tour
  3. Savona: Piazza Mameli
  4. Meet the prehistorical prince of Finalborgo
  5. Street food from Savona: “Fette” and “Farinata”
  6. The artists’ promenade of Albissola
  7. Active tourism on the Island of Bergeggi
  8. The “Muretto” of Alassio, a pop art artwork!
  9. Ligurian Sea Cetacean Sanctuary

Savona has always been an important maritime city, a place of trades with all the countries of the Mediterranean area, as far as the East. Talking about art, Savona has three different souls: modern, art nouveau and medieval. But there are really many things people still don’t know about this city: did you know that here is the second Sistine Chapel? Our ‘slow tour’ continues nearby: Finalborgo with its archaeological treasures; Albissola and Alassio looking for crafts, art, ceramics and pop culture; Bergeggi to try some active tourism, as diving or climbing.

Places on the map

Cover pic courtesy of Flickr User Raffaele Sergi

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