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Meet the prehistorical prince of Finalborgo

Visit this amazing archaeological museum in Liguria

The archaeological museum of Finalborgo collects the prehistoric finds of the area around Savona in Liguria. The most significant find is the grave of a young prince, who died something like 19,000 years ago.

His grave is reconstructed inside the museum, with the skeleton placed as it was found. The reason for referring to a prince lies in the clothing. The most significant information given by the accessories is that the closing pendants of the suit are decorated with mammoth bones: the mammoth was very much present in France and not very much in Italy. Our prince should have been a traveller arrived in Liguria from northern Europe… 

Studies by a Russian anthropologist have reconstructed the prince’s face. It had some oriental traits, similar to those of some skulls found in the same period in Russia. It is fascinating to discover that the populations around Europe in such a remote period had the same characteristics…

Who were these people? How did they move?


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Visit the Archeological Museum of Finale official website

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