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Web Serie: Valtellina Slow Tour

The wine, the local cheeses, the honey, the apples: a trip down the taste line!

Video list:

  1. Bitto’s Story
  2. The Bitto Museum
  3. Valtellina’s wine: Nebbiolo
  4. The apples of Valtellina
  5. The honey from Valtellina
  6. The Casera Cheese
  7. The SPA resort of Bormio
  8. Get a taste of Bresaola
  9. Pizzoccheri

There are places where the food and taste of local products is so much connected with the landscape to turn your travel into a food travel, almost automatically! The area of Valtellina, in Northern Italy, is an example.

The best place to get a view of the whole valley is the Castle of Grumello: looking down, there is a hollow in the soil where meet two tectonic plates, it is a perfect balance and the reason why nearby there are the Alps. This perfect balance creates the local wine Nebbiolo, growing on this lucky peak, enlightened by the sun all day long. On the other side, there isn’t such a direct sunlight and you get no wine! The farmers had to work patiently during the centuries to turn the mountainsides into farming terraces.

But there is not only the fine wine Nebbiolo, discover the other local products as the Bitto Cheese from Gerola Alta, the Pizzoccheri pasta from Teglio, the Honey from Chiavenna, the famous Breasola, the Casera Cheese and, last but not least, the apples from Valtellina!

Places on the map:


Cover pic of Castel Grumello courtesy of Flickr User Franco Folini (@livenature)

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