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Taste the excellent Gavi Cortese during the event “Di Gavi in Gavi”

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  1. Gavi Cortese, beteween the mountains and the sea
  2. Gavi & the stars
  3. “Di Gavi in Gavi” event
  4. The mosaic of Libarna

In Italy there are always so many events related to local products and traditions: “Di Gavi in Gavi” takes place every last week of August here at Gavi, near Alessandria (Piedmont, North-Eastern Italy), celebrating the fine Gavi Cortese wine and all its matching with food. A three day programme of cooking shows and tasting.

Gavi is an historical village related to many ancient legends; located just in the middle between Milan, Turin and Genoa it has always been a strategic crossing place. A gentle wind blowing from the sea has alwas created the perfect conditions to make an excellent wine, called cortese, discover this old and famous vine!

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