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Street food from Savona

Start your flavour tour with typical “Fette” and “Farinata”

Italia Slow Tour in Savona, Italian region Liguria.

Patrizio walks around with two locals, Silvana and Felice, tasting Savona’s street food. First we meet Antonio in his street food shop, he is famous for his fette (that means “slices”), a great eat-break on winter afternoons. Fette are Arab rolls filled with fried chickpeas, they look like French fries, but they have got a peculiar taste. Patrizio tastes everything: “The bread absorbs the taste and… purifies the frying!”

The gastronomic exploration continues, Felice Rossello introduces Patrizio to the local Focaccia: Farinata. In Savona there are two kinds of Farinata: the yellow one with chickpeas and a white one made from corn, typical of the city and only to be found here. White Farinata makes the people of Savona feel very proud. Patrizio applies the “scientific method”, that is comparison through tasting…

Watch the full web serie “Savona and the Sea slow tour”

Italia Slow Tour

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