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The “Muretto” of Alassio

A wall signed by over 500 celebrities, a pop art artwork!

The famous “Muretto” of Alassio is a long wall signed by over 500 celebrities who passed by the town. Their signatures are in the form of coloured ceramics tiles. The first one to leave a sign was Ernest Hemingway, in love with this place… Since then the honour of having a tile on the wall has been granted to many well-known writers, artists and other characters… also instigating a certain competition to “be there”!

How did the idea come into being? At the beginning Mario Berrino – artist and gallery owner – preserved the signatures in a paper album, but when the album was stolen from him he felt it was a good idea to think up something that was it impossible to take away: the wall! Celebrities passing through then began to leave their dedications on sheets that Mario gave to the Albissola potters to turn them into artistic tiles to set in stone! Over the years Mario has also discovered a great truth: the more important characters are, the more modest they are… The “war for the tile at all costs” is an unequivocal sign of undeserved notoriety!

Today the “Muretto” of Alassio can be a true work of outdoor Pop Art!


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