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Web serie: Genoa Slow Tour

Explore the city centre and the Old Harbour, St Fruttuoso and Portofino

Video list

  1. Genoa, a sightseeing artistic tour
  2. Genoa: The Old Harbour (Porto Antico)
  3. Aquarium of Genoa: meet manatees, sharks and penguins
  4. Aquarium of Genoa: the sphere of biodiversity
  5. Genoa: The submarine Nazario Sauro
  6. Genoa: The Galata Sea Museum
  7. Genoa: The Lantern, lighthouse and museum
  8. Tre Merli Restaurant at Genoa
  9. Genoa: The Luzzati Museum
  10. San Fruttuoso Abbey
  11. The Christ of the Abyss
  12. Something you still don’t know about Portofino
  13. Portofino untold: the Park Museum

The region Liguria is an amazing stripe of land, between mountains and sea, with so many different landscapes and treasures to discover. Genoa, the main city of this thin region, is a whole world itself. In this 13 episode web serie, Patrizio explores the city, from a walk in the very centre, to the Old Harbour (Porto Antico) where you find the famous Acquarium, the Submarine Nazario Sauro and the Galata Sea Museum. What about the charming St Fruttuoso Abbey and bay? And is there anyone that doesn’t know Portofino? Classic Italian postcard, for sure.

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