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Savona: a sightseeing tour

A city with three souls: Modern, Art Nouveau and Medieval

Savona has three different souls: modern, art nouveau and medieval. There are so many things people still don’t know about this city: for example, here you can find the second Sistine Chapel! Pope Sixtus IV was from Savona and he commissioned both the Sistine Chapel in Rome and another one in his homeland, as a funeral monument for his parents.

A sightseeing tour on the Liberty traces of Savona touches Palazzo delle Piane in Via Mazzini, called “Building of Balls” due to some bronze spheres on its top. It was built in 1911 by the architect Alessandro Martinengo, considered the local Gaudì! Then the Tempietto Boselli, a beautiful garden entirely in ceramics, so called because of the craftman who built it. The street of promenades, via Paleocapa, is devoted to Art Nouveau: here you can find the Building of Peacocks built in 1912 and characterized by a ceramic serie representing some animals.



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Cover pic courtesy of Flickr User Luca Galli

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