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Web serie: Mantua Slow Tour

Following the steps of Gonzaga Family, from this beautiful art city to the countryside

Video List

  1. Mantua: a sightseeing tour travelling on a hot air balloon
  2. Mantua: a sightseeing tour at Palazzo Te
  3. Mantua: the Ducal Palace and Isabella d’Este
  4. Italian Food: taste Italian Bigoli and risotto
  5. Corte Grande, Roncoferraro. Taste some Mantuan Risotto
  6. Bike tour to Motteggiana: Enjoy the cycling on the back roads and visit Villa Ghirardina
  7. Mantua: Gazzuolo’s Pantheon and local cuisine
  8. Mantua: San Martino dall’Argine
  9. Mantua bike tour: the Walls of Bozzolo
  10. Mantua: the Gonzaga Tower of Commessaggio
  11. Mantua: melons and watermelons
  12. The Olympic Theatre of Sabbioneta
  13. Sailing on the river Oglio
  14. Where the river Mincio meets the Po
  15. Taste Mantuan Cuisine

This web serie in 15 episodes is a full Slow Tour in the area of Mantua, following the steps of Gonzaga Family: their domination last almost 4 centuries, especially during the Renaissance, and they left a lot of wonderful traces and masterpieces. The itinerary starts in the city centre, laying on its famous lakes. Then, across the rivers Mincio, Oglio and Po, we move into the countryside. From Mantua to Revere, passing through Sabbioneta, by bike, by boat, even flying on a hot air balloon! It is a land full of themes: art, history, architecture, food and nature…

Please, read the notes by Patrizio Roversi: “Welcome to my city, Mantua”.

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