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Active tourism on the Island of Bergeggi

Ideal for scuba diving and free climbing

Bergeggi Island is a natural reserve and you cannot get out of your boat in here. Since it was turned into a marine park, all the area has been repopulated and the fishes have re-colonised the whole coast.

Bergeggi has become one of the favourite destinations for all the scuba divers coming to Liguria. The diving points are marked by two buoys: Pifferaio and Canalone. It is always crowded with divers, until October.

Bergeggi suits perfect also for free climbing: there is a great rock face with studs in it that everyone can climb, all year round, both in Summer and in Winter. Actually it can be climbed both vertically and horizontally. For instance there is a 400 mt long path whose name in Genoese dialect means “on the foaming of the sea”.

If you are fond of nature and sport that is the place to be.


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Cover pic courtesy of Flickr User Giacomo Carena (@jekkone)

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