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Web Serie: Oltrepò Pavese Slow Tour

Bike tour along a greenway on the ancient Salt Route

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Video list

  1. The Voghera’s housewife
  2. Italian food: Voghera’s peppers
  3. The greenway of Rivanazzano Terme
  4. Italian food: The dried salted cod of Rivanazzano Terme
  5. The SPAS of Salice
  6. The Hermitage of St Albert of Butrio
  7. Oramala Castle
  8. Varzi, porticoes, wine and salami
  9. Italian food: The salami of Varzi
  10. Zavattarello Castle
  11. Canevino, wines and corkscrew
  12. The vineyards of Oltrepò Pavese
  13. The Alpino and the Ardito, motorbikes of the Oltrepò Pavese
  14. Stradella, the artists of the accordion

This itinerary can start from several different Italian railway station: Milan, Genoa, Piacenza or Turin. Pick your bike up on the train and come easily to Voghera, province of Pavia, Oltrepò Pavese area. The so called Oltrepò Pavese is located in the Southern Lombardy, a triangle between Piedmont and Emilia, just a few steps from Liguria. It used to be the ancient Salt Route, a crucial trading road connecting the sea to the inland, through the Appenines. It is a rich and fertile area, from the flat land on the river Po to mountains even 1700 mt high, crossing many smooth hills, perfect for wine production.

A Slow Tour through the area of Oltrepò Pavese is devoted to local products and flavors: a special pepper growing just in here, the Tortello Battalava that is a special kind of stuffed pasta that is so big you cannot eat just in once, a famous Salami made in Stradella. What about the wines? Taste some red and white varieties with a 500 years history: Pinot, Bonarda, Barbera, Moscato, Sangue di Giuda, Botafogo.

Places on the map:


Cover pic courtesy of Flickr User Oltrepo Pavese

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