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Welcome to Varzi

Discover its porticoes, castles, traditions and its great typical products

The Castle of Malaspina in Varzi is a very comfortable place where you can stay overnight, and the owners are really warm.

Visiting this town you will meet The Salt RouteVarzi in fact raises in a strategic place, in the middle of Genoa, Piacenza and Milan, where merchants used to pass through. For this reason it has been colonised during its history by Celts, Ligurians, Romans and Langobards. 

Now what’s left is a highly sought after and very well known route for excursions and trekkingHave a walk along the colonnades in the city centre, that once was an important market place, and see the Tower of Witches, where in 1464 25 women accused of witchcraft were imprisoned and killed during the Inquisition.



Cover pic courtesy of Flickr User Serafino Centenaro

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Italia Slow Tour

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