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Stradella: The artists of the accordion

The history of Dallapè Factory and the Museum of accordions

The first thing that you see in the city centre of Stradella is a tower, the only piece left from the ancient city walls, that now is a bell tower. At the bottom there is the most famous monument of the town in memory of Agostino De Pretis, ex mayor of the town and ex Prime Minister of Italy.

Stradella has many big personalities, like Mariano Dallapè, who has an incredible story: in the second half of 20th century, he crossed the North of Italy by walk to get to Genoa and sail to America. But there he damaged his knee and had to renounce to his dream.

…Back to his hometown he started to play accordion, and to produce them by himself. From his hard work it derives the local factory of accordions Dallapè and the Museum of Accordion, which keeps also the one he used in 1876.

By the way, let’s meet an artisan/artist who still makes his accordions in his own workshop…


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