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The dried salted cod of Rivanazzano Terme

The special recipes of the Restaurant Selvatico

When in Rivanazzano Terme, you cannot miss the restaurant Selvatico of Piera and her daughters, soon after the Pentagonal Tower, built in 1300, on the opposite side of the road.

Here you can find traditional dishes of Oltrepò Pavese, a cuisine that is very much tied to local produce: cod fish with sweet and sour sauce made with onions and raisin, rice pie and pumpkin pie (salty), and also fish with amaretto biscuits (sweet).

Piera tells us that the restaurant Selvatico exists since the early nineteen hundreds, her family has lived in Rivanazzano since 1756, her husband’s family since the mid eighteen hundreds, and so they feel as though they own the place! And above all they are glad to introduce their land and their typical food to the people incoming!


Visit Selvatico Restaurant website

Visit Oltrepò Pavese G.A.L. official website


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