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Zavattarello Castle

At the centre of the 4 provinces: Pavia, Alessandria, Piacenza and Genoa

There are a lot of castles around the Oltrepò Pavese area: the Castle of Zavattarello was built after 1.000 and then renovated many times. Outside it is majestic and surrounded by a wide park. The view from its terraces is breathtaking, from which you can see the Alpine Garden of Pietra Corva, that has very peculiar plants.

Like every castle, it has its own ghost: the ghost of Pietro dal Verme. The legend tells that in 1485 Pietro didn’t marry Chiara Sforza, the woman he was supposed to, but he married Cecilia del Maino, the one he truly loved! Unfortunately Cecilia suddenly died, so Pietro got married anyway with Chiara Sforza, but she killed him soon because she was still offended from his initial refuse…

Now in the castle there is also a museum of modern art.


Visit Zavattarello Castle official website

Visit Oltrepò Pavese G.A.L. official website

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