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2019: The Slow Tourism Year

A sustainable tourism in contrast with the over-tourism of the last years

This year will be the year of the slow tourism in Italy. A sustainable tourism that faces the over-tourism of the last years. Italy is a place that everyone would like to see at least once in his life and the slow tourism is the way to promote those parts of Italy that are still unknown by tourists. The slow tourism is about going on a journey by walking or cycling, it’s a slow way to see the world. The slow tourists prefer the countryside or the hidden places than the city and this can allow the touristic city to take a break.

The excessive tourism in fact is not good for the city, it ruins the quality of the life for those who live in there and the quality of the journey for those who visit it. An excellent example of this is Venice, a city that is completely overwhelmed by tourists. And why overpopulate a city when there are so many beautiful places near that you can see?

That is what the slow tourism is supposed to do. It is supposed to let the tourists visit not the usual cities but new amazing places. The slow tourism is environment-friendly. You can walk, use the bike or the panoramic-trains to visit some wonderful hidden places. It is captivating, since it is slow it lets you fully understand the place that you are visiting. It is really the best way to give value and promote the landscape and the local food. It is a way of travelling that lets you truly understand the authenticity of a place and of its inhabitants.

The Atlas of Paths is a map where you can find some great ideas of, obviously, paths.

You can also find some slow tour ideas on our website. You can visit Umbria in a sustainable way, you can discover the natural reserve of Cona Island. If you’re into a bike tour here you can find a one-day tour in Tuscany or a three-days tour in Valle d’Itria. Otherwise you can visit the mount Vesuvius, the Alpago area or the southern part of Sicily by walking.


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