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Who mentioned Italy as a place to visit in 2019?

Italy is definitely a place that worth the visit

A new year started and we are already planning our new journeys, so we start looking on internet for new places to see. As Italian people do this so do the others. I was looking for knew places when I thought: why don’t search on the international travel website and see who mentioned Italy as a place to visit in 2019?

I found interesting thing. For example Matera is European Capital of Culture of 2019 and almost every website mentioned it as a place to visit. Just to mention some of those National Geographic putted Matera as the 15th of 28 places to visit and so did Vogue and The Guardian too. The New York Times instead mentioned Apulia as the 18th place out of 52, what an honor.

Many other websites mentioned Italy as a place to visit, we are even first. In fact Lonely Planet putted Piedmont region as the 1st out of 10 regions to visit in 2019, and also gave 5 reasons to visit it. I swear this is the last classification but hey the Condé Nast Traveler mentioned Palermo between the 19 best places to go in 2019. The BBC made an article about Padua as the birthplace of the modern medicine and last but not least (another classification, ops) the north of Italy is the first in Elles classification about the 18 holiday destinations to visit in 2019.

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