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Slow Tour in Macerata

A relaxing and quiet itinerary among the high burgs of Macerata

by Nadia Stacchiotti

This slow tour in Macerata includes three localities and goes through the beautiful countrysides and landscapes around Camerino.

The first stop of our path is Rocca di Varano, a customs outpost of security under the control of the same mane’s family for centuries. To get to the fortress you have to leave the car where the town begins and then go on by foot. The path is easy and pleasant. Once you have arrived you can visit the permanent exhibition of the local handicraft conserved inside the fortress. You will find around also some restaurants if you want a light meal.

Rocca di Varano

Rocca di Varano

The second stop is the small and pretty burg of Muccia. The path will not take too long, but take a walk along the coloured streets accompanied by the sweet sound of the river Chienti is very pleasant. In the high side of the town you will find the most beautiful houses.

If you have time Camerino isn’t far from there, but it offers so many interesting things to discover that maybe deserves a whole day.

Our path continues in Pioraco. Another small burg with another pleasant discovery: the town begins just after the tunnel and the water is the protagonist even more than in Muccia. Not far from the town there is a beautiful and flat path flanked by the river and characterised by an unique atmosphere. If you are hungry after the path, along the way back to Macerata and near to Castelraimondo, ther is one of the best porchetta’s stand of the whole Macerata municipality!


Nadia Stacchiotti, Racconti di Marche blog

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Pioraco’s main pic by Flickr User luigi alesi


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