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Italia Slow Tour on Gate Magazine

The ground magazine distributed inside Rome Fiumicino and Ciampino airports

We are pleased to announce that you can find Italia Slow Tour inside the Gate Magazine! The ground-magazine directed by Francesca Noto, distributed inside Rome Fiumicino and Ciampino airports and through Rome’s newsstands.

An interesting travel and cultural monthly magazine edited both in English and Italian, with the aim to be useful to the tourists passing by, informing and entertaining. People usually flip through this kind of free press then forget it somewhere, but Gate Magazine aims to be different: it is useful and informative about all the events and the opportunities in the area of Rome, just to catch the travellers’ attention while landing here.

Good news, it is not just a paper magazine, but also a virtual one so that you can browse it for free wherever you are! Please read this copy, released on May 2019, and look for our first article! Pag.116, “Walking on the footsteps of St Francis”, written by Italia Slow Tour Ambassador Libby Key. We are very proud to reach so many new readers and travellers thanks to Gate Magazine! When in Rome, look for your own copy… in the meanwhile check for the updates on line.

Gate Magazine, May 2019


Gate Magazine cover

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