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Web Serie: Imperia & Sanremo Slow Tour

The most Eastern area in Liguria, known for olive trees and flowers

Video list

  1. Imperia: The amazing Villa Grock
  2. Imperia: Visit the Olive Tree Museum Carli
  3. Sanremo: the Ariston Theatre
  4. Sanremo, the town of Flowers
  5. Bajardo and the Celtic Feast
  6. Valloria the town of painted doors. A unique street art itinerary
  7. Balzi Rossi cliff, beach and museum Ventimiglia (4 episodes: the cliff, the beach, the museum and the restaurant)

Imperia is the most eastern city in Liguria, towards French border. Known for the cultivation of flowers and olives, it is a popular summer destination for tourists. More than the main city, you may have heard about Sanremo, the town of flowers, where takes place every February the most famous Italian Music Festival. What about the Balzi Rossi cliffs and beach in Ventimiglia? One of the most important archaeological sites of the early Upper Paleolithic in Western Europe…

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