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Imperia: The amazing Villa Grock

A work of art conceived by the Swiss circus artist Mr Grock

Villa Grock is the house of the swiss circus artist who became famous with the name Grock. This amazing building has been entirely conceived and designed by Mr Grock, who planned also all the symbolic decorations around. Many of them remind to the jugglers’ instruments, but there are also references to the stars and a lot of spirals that represent the infinite! The whole Villa is a work of art.

There is no style, a bit of everything, it is a monument to the imagination. Actually the historian Antonio Vassallo explains that this external eccentricity corresponds to an internal depression of Mr Grock. And there is a strong contrast between the wonder of the outside and the linear rigorous of the inside. The Grock’s bust inside reminds to Batman’s Joker, an ironic face hiding a whole world. The human being is also these two different faces!


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Cover pic courtesy of Flickr User Alessandro (mastino70)

Italia Slow Tour

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