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Sanremo: the Ariston Theatre

Where Sanremo Music Festival takes place every year

Welcome to Sanremo. The Ariston Theatre is the theatre where for over 60 years the national festival of Italian song takes place! We enter by the artists’ entrance, where we meet the owner, Walter Vacchino. We browse together through the album of the history of the theatre, which originally was an Arena! From generation to generation, many black and white photos, the flow of all the national and international artists who performed on the stage since the beginning.

Climbing on the stage, with the whole auditorium ahead, you will realize it is not so big as it looks on television! The particular game of effects and the wide-angle lens of the television cameras visually make the room at least 20 times bigger than it really is!


 Watch the full web serie “Imperia & Sanremo Slow Tour”

Italia Slow Tour

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