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Bajardo and the Celtic Feast

Visit the Italian “little Tibet”! The annual festival takes place from July 17th to 19th

Bajardo is a mountain village in Liguria, a thousand metres above sea level. Every summer here takes place a Celtic Feast famous and crowded! – this year from July 17th to 19th -. How come the inhabitants of Bajardo prefer to identify with a Celtic ceremony, rather than with a Christian one?

During the feast, among the various characters, you can meet the one that everyone recognizes as the Bajardo’s true druid, who celebrates the magic of this place. The celtic feast continues with food and dancing. Then the rite of change: an acting game where everyone throw away metaphorically a bad part of themselves, using fire as a purifying element.

Something else you may not know about Bajardo: it is the highest village in Liguria, called Ligurian “little Tibet”. The peak of the church is 1,000 metres high. One of the external columns still shows the signs of the pre-Christian temple that stood there in antiquity!


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