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Imperia: Visit the Olive Tree Museum Carli

Can you guess the importance of the olive trees in the Mediterranean area?

When visiting Imperia, pay a visit to the Olive Tree Museum Carli. Could you guess the importance of the olive trees and of the olives in the Mediterranean area?

At the museum we discover the relationship between man and the olive began in upper Mesopotamia, 7,000 years ago, when man’s action allowed the development of bigger drupes with a greater oil yield. Some Babylonian tablets are preserved inside the museum, dating from the Second Millennium BC. Even at that time so far, the extract from the olives had different usages: food and seasoning, but also in medicine and cosmetic. It was also burnt to produce light and heat like the wood of the plant.

Imagine that the ancient Athenian constitution stated a death penalty for anyone who would eradicate an olive plant! The cultural value of the olive tree has been handed down to nowadays and we find it as a symbol in the main monotheistic religions.


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