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Web serie: Palladian Villas Tour in Veneto

Historical & architectural treasures in the North Eastern Italy


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Video list

  1. Vicenza & Palladio: a sightseeing tour
  2. Ca’ Zen
  3. Villa Barbaro Maser
  4. Dominio di Bagnoli
  5. Villa Valmarana ai Nani
  6. Villa Emo
  7. Villa Zonca
  8. Villa Trissino Marzotto
  9. Ca’ Marcello
  10. Monselice: Lispida Castle
  11. Montecchia Golf Club
  12. The castle of Monselice

In the North-Eastern Italy there are priceless historical and architectural treasures, not only factories and farms! You may not know that those jems are at everyone’s disposal: some years ago people used to think “Lucky you, that live in a castle”, but today this rich generation of people had to reinvent itself and become touristic entrepreneurs. That’s why we can go on a tour of museums full of precious masterpieces, daydreaming in these old Villas and castles… Please follow us and Discover the amazing Palladian Villas of Veneto!

This web serie is dedicated to the memory of Bona Zanuso

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Cover pic courtesy of Flickr User Helena

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Regione Veneto

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