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Monselice: Lispida Castle

Spend a night here and taste the great local “archaic” wine

The Lispida Castle, near to Monselice, looks like a castle of some fairy tale with its crenellated façade and the gothic windows! On the contrary, just the king-soldier Vittorio Emanuele III had lived here, it was his headquarter during the First World War. Maybe that is the reason why this place has survived almost intact to the war.

The history of Lispida Castle dates back to many years ago, to the Middle Age. By that time, here there was a monastery, popular thanks to its vineyards and its good wine. But at the end of the 15th century, Doge Mocenigo deprived the monks of this territory, because they weren’t so able to produce wine. During the 18th century the Corinaldi Family continued the tradition and the Castle turned into a typical Villa-farm, really popular for its wine again.

Lispida Castle aereal view

Lispida Castle aereal view

Today the young owner Alessandro welcomes us in the wine cellar to tell us about his innovative ideas… That are paradoxically a jump back into the past! Starting with the processes of farming Tocai and Merlot vineyards: no chemistry, no pesticide, no cutting down of the surrounding landscape. As anti-parasite therapy, he sprays propolis and attracts birds and bats who eat the insects! The vine growing is super-biological, but the method to produce wine is even archaic! After the pressing, Alessandro put the must and the peels into amphoras in the cellar. Here the wine ferments and then Alessandro can remove the peels and pour once again the wine into the amphoras for the ripening (8/10 months). That’s exactly the method used by the Mycenaeans! Basically, the wine of the Trojan War!

In the past to face both conservation and transport, the wine makers used to add some honey and spices to reduce the acidity, so that the archaic wine became (notoriously) disgusting. Today all these stuff are over, thanks to the modern bottles! The wine produced by Alessandro, preserved in a 3000-year-old amphora, is actually excellent!

For the record: tourists can sleep in the castle! The garden is beautiful, full of flowers, and there is also a pool… Don’t miss it!


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