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Web Serie: “Campania Divina”

Tour about the feminine divine from Naples to Caserta and Salerno

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Video List

  1. Naples: The Cumaean Sibyl
  2. Capua: Mater Matuta Museum
  3. Royal Palace of Caserta and Naples the woman
  4. From Italy to the world: Neapolitan Pizza, the One
  5. Pagani, the Madonna of the hens

A Slow Tour through Caserta, Naples and Salerno following the theme of feminine divine. The itinerary starts in the area of Phlegraean Fields, looking for the Cumaean Sibyl cave, one of the most interesting places dealing with predictions. It is Virgil who places the Sybil here, in the sixth book of Aeneid: She was both Apollo’s priestess and Aeneas’ guide deep in the Underworld. Next stop Capua, where is the Mater Matuta Museum, a unique collection devoted to this ancient Morning Goddess. Then Caserta – with its majestic Royal Palace and the huge fountain to Queen Margareth’s memory – and Naples. The tour ends in Pagani (Salerno) where takes place a traditional Easter celebration: the so called “Madonna of the hens”. Not to be missed!

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Italia Slow Tour

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