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From Italy to the world: Neapolitan Pizza, the One

Watch and learn how to make a real pizza

Before leaving Naples, we had to try the famous neapolitan pizza. We went to La Notizia were we found Enzo, a master of pizza.

You know, Pizza has to be rolled with the hands, cooked in a coal oven at 465 degrees for 50 seconds. It must be soft. You have to put the tomato sauce in a clockwise circular way, you make a six with the oil and then you put fiordilatte mozzarella and parmesan.

In the archeological museum of Naples there is an archeological find of a burned pizza from 79 d.C.

Pizza at Enzo's, Naples

Pizza and calzone at Enzo’s, Naples

With the contribution of: Regione Campania, Unione Europea – POC Campania 2014-2020 & Fondazione Film Commission Regione Campania

Video full text: Pizza divine

After a lovely day spent
walking around Naples, with my daughter Zoe, amid its beauty and its tradition,
we cannot leave before getting close up and personal
with the most important of the Neapolitan divinities – the pizza!
We ask around to try and find out who is considered the herald of the pizza.
They tell me to go see Enzo, a master pizza-maker at the pizzeria La Notizia.
,Let’s go see Enzo.
Enzo! Is there any room? – Syusy for two! – Let’s go!
I take advantage of his kindness and generosity to squeeze my way in, behind the counter,
and to ask, once and for all:
what is and what is not allowed when making a Neapolitan pizza?
A rolling pin is not permitted, you have to stretch it with your hands.
You must use a wood-fired oven at 465 degrees,.
It takes 50 seconds to cook
But must it be thick or thin? Crispy or soft?
It must be soft! Soft!
Enzo shows me – you knead it by hand, like this.
Is this the start? No. It’s the end!
Now we have to dress it.
It’s this circular movement of the pummarola (tomato in Neapolitan) that’s interesting.
It’s beautiful, the pizza maker’s art that’s also found in
the way of saying: “prepare me the six”.
Starting from the middle, we draw a six with the oil.
Then the fiordilatte and Parmigiano cheeses
You’ve added Parmigiano? How come? Parmigiano is a product from the Emilia region!
Do you know who mentioned Parmigiano? Boccaccio in The Decameron!
Other pizzas are made using Pecorino cheese.
No! Not Pecorino! What’s this one called?
It’s a Margherita!
But it cannot have Pecorino!
But how can you not have Pecorino? Parmigiano only arrived with the unification of Italy.
A little flour and then, taking it like this, you place it on the peel and in it goes.
In the meantime, there is this beautiful Margherita, smell that beautiful aroma!
This is a real Margherita!
We only make real pizzas here!
Hold it with a napkin and, eat!
Now please don’t tell me it isn’t a delight!
Stay there. I’ll go and get you a burnt pizza.
Burnt pizza?
– Do you want some, Zoe? – I should think so!
Guess what this is? It’s the prehistory of pizza.
An archaeological find, kept in the Archaeological Museum in Naples.
It was in Modesto’s oven in 79 AD,
and it is a charred focaccia, discovered in 1866 by the archaeologist, Fiorelle.

Now Enzo has to let me try and make one.
There’ll be no stopping me if I get the hang of it.
Let’s hope you manage to make a good pizza, I don’t believe it.
Place your hands like so and press with your fingers.
We have to push the air outwards and then shape the crust.
Well done. Now on the other side.
You have to put your hand here, quickly, take it and turn it, one… two…
Then, taking the bowl in your left hand, add a spoonful of tomato with your right.
The tomato goes in the middle and then it’s moved in a clockwise direction.
Not too far towards the edge or it will stick.
Then, off you go with the buffalo mozzarella, don’t be stingy, a bit more.
The basil. Do I break it? I break it.
Pecorino, not Parmigiano.
Then, from the centre, make a six with the oil, turn…
One, two, three… OK! Really good, welcome to Naples!
Into the oven! ‘the pizza!’
She wanted to join the production line; you made her work!
I, on the other hand, am going to eat.
Is this one mine? Not bad, eh!
In Naples pizza is eaten in company. We’ll share it.
We also need to raise a glass: “to your first Neapolitan pizza”.
My thanks to you, here’s your apron, the symbol of your power!
A strong power… I’m off to make pizzas… Enjoy your food.
Round of applause!
I was good…


Visit Naples: helpful hints

Italian name: Napoli


Naples has its own international airportconnected to the city centre by a bus (it takes 15 minutes and it costs 5€). For transcontinental flights you have to stop in other airports, Rome is the closest one.


In Naples you find both buses, subways and funicular. The ticket is the same for all the transports and it costs 1,5€. For more information check the ANM website. If you prefer to visit the city on foot, here you can find an idea for you tour.

What to do

Naples is the capital city of Campania region, in Southern Italy. Naples is on a beautiful Gulf, extended from the Sorrento Peninsula to the volcaninc area called Phlegrean Fields, on the background the huge Vesuvius, one of the two active volcanoes in Italy. In the Gulf, three famous islands – Capri, Ischia and Procida. The historical centre of Naples is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995,  the most important monuments are the Dome, Palazzo Reale and the Maschio Angioino.

Speaking of food, Naples is the city where Pizza is born! 

Where to sleep

The best place to sleep in Naples is of course the city centre. Other very good alternatives are Posilippo and Vomero area, the harbor and the University area, the boardwalk and the more expensive Chiaia area.

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