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Italian Food: taste Italian Bigoli and risotto

The European academy of risotto, Mantuan style

Let’s talk about Italian food! We are in Mantua, at the restaurant “Osteria dell’Oca“, the European academy of Risotto, Mantuan style.

What does it mean the name “Risòt menà” (or beaten risotto)? And which is the characteristic flavour of Bigoli pasta with sardelle (some kind of anchovies) and garlic?

Come and taste!


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Video Full Text: Bigoli and risottos

The Osteria dell’Oca, the European academy of risotto, Mantuan style.
The name, Risòt menà or beaten risotto might perhaps mean it has been spanked. Let’s go and investigate!
The notice outside says that you spank the rice. Does that mean you mistreat it?
Spanked rice is in the form of a wave,
It has to move in the plate, just like a wave.
We even make a pasta called Bigoli. We prepare it with sardelle anchovies, a great speciality.
Ingredients: Oil, sardelle – cooked on a low heat so as to slowly separate the flesh – and two cloves of garlic to taste.
The bigoli pasta is cooked, so that’s done!
The flavour is very strong.
It’s a very virile recipe, for real men.
Strong flavours to wake us up, that’s because we’re all a bit flat, just like the Po Valley.

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