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Web serie: Verona Slow Tour

Sightseeing tour of the city of love, from the Arena to Juliet’s House

Video list

  1. The origin of Verona
  2. Verona sightseeing tour: Piazza dei Signori
  3. The Ghetto and Via Sottoriva
  4. Visiting the Arena of Verona
  5. The Arena of Verona behind the scenes
  6. Verdi’s Aida at the Arena of Verona
  7. Verona the city of Love: Romeo & Juliet’s story
  8. Verona: Juliet’s house
  9. Verona: Romeo & Juliet
  10. Verona: The Juliet Club

It has been one century since the Arena of Verona was turned into lyric theatre! A century of great shows, music and magic. “Italia Slow Tour” itinerary in Verona starts from the Arena, when the Aida is on schedule. Take a look behind the stage, inside this ancient Roman building which is an art masterpiece itself. Feel the magic to attend the Opera in this unique theatre.

Our itinerary through Verona goes up to Castel St Pietro hill, to enjoy a full view of the city. Then Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori, the ghetto, the river… But no matter what, Verona is mostly the city of Romeo and Juliet. The very first “soap opera” in history, told and made immortal by Shakespeare. Juliet’s house is always crowded, full of tourists, with its famous balcony. Juliet is still an icon of pure love and she gets a lot of letters by lovers in pain from all over the world… no kidding!

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