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The hidden Genoa: Boccadasse

A charming fishermen village which inspired singers and poets

Genoa is as a multi centralised city and Boccadasse is a real treasure hidden inside it. If you don’t like clubs and shopping malls, Boccadasse totally fits for you! Here you can enjoy walking along crose de mar, tight streets onshore. The famous italian singer Fabrizio De Andrè used to sing about them.

Here in Boccadasse people love sitting in the main square, in front of Saint Anthony church, and reading a newspaper. On the sea, there are some small houses and a little beach where fishermen leave their boats high and dry. On the street, you have to stop in the historical café, which used to be an artist hangout in the 70s. The famous italian singers Gino Paoli, Bruno Lauzi and Fabrizio De André usually met up there. Here you can find a great selection of liqueurs coming from all over the world, I asked for a special spiced nutmeg ruhm, that I tasted once at the Grenadines islands, in the Caribbean. I drank it for breakfast! Maybe that’s the reason why Boccadasse looked like a paradise to me…

I met different special people, proud to live in this little piece of heaven on earth. The beach café’s owner asked me to sign up a chair, as a souvenir of my time there, he made me feel really at home. I also met a special lady at her balcony, the one who appears in every panoramic picture of Boccadasse!

I had lunch at “Tre Merli” restaurant, a great place just in front of the sea. Hospitality makes Boccadasse so unique! The idea of genoan locals as surly people is just a bias.


Main pic courtesy of Giorgio Minguzzi (Flickr user iz4aks)

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