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Genoa: a sightseeing artistic tour

Walk down via Garibaldi admiring its stunning buildings

An artistic walk through the historic area of Genoa, Via Garibaldi, World Heritage since 2006. Originally called Strada Maggiore and then Strada Nuova, it was created in the 16th century, the golden century of the Genoese.

It was created as a street of representation with all rich buildings of the nobility. These buildings are characterized by some kind of sobriety in the external look and a great richness in the interior decorations.

Especially the building named by Tobia Pallavicino which houses the Genoa chamber of commerce and contains frescos and gilded rooms in the Baroque style just like it were a small but even more beautiful Versailles!

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Cover pic courtesy of Andrea Puggioni (Flickr User @cebete)

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