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Gavi: The Mosaic of Libarna

Roman archaeological site in Northern Italy

The new label for the Gavi wine is a depiction of the Libarna archaeological site’s mosaic.

Libarna was an ancient city, 3 km from Gavi, that dates back to the 1st century BC, Etruscan, Ligurian and then, of course, Roman. It was an important city with a strategic role, enhanced in Roman times with the construction of the Via Postumia.

This is the reason why Libarna’s mosaic was placed alongside the current excellence of the area, of which the Gavi wine is a symbol.


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Video full text: The Mosaic of Libarna

Here’s an exclusive, some breaking news, something extraordinary.
This is the new label for the DOCG (registered and certified designation of origin) Gavi wine.
What does it depict? This is Ambrosia,
who was loved by the king of Sparta, Lycurgus, who was bad!
To save her Bacchus transformed her into a nectar, the Gavi wine.
It contains all of the territory.
This depiction is the mosaic at the site of Libarna.
An ancient city, 3 km from here, that dates back to the 1st century BC,
Etruscan, Ligurian and then, of course, Roman.
Here we are at the site of Libarna, and that is the mosaic.
Libarna first began being inhabited in 500 BC,
by the Ligurians and the Etruscans.
Then the Romans, who built the via Postumia, in a strategic position.
It was an important city, with a strategic role.
It was enhanced in Roman times, with the construction of the via Postumia.
It used to link Genoa with Aquileia.
Consequently it became an essential artery for traffic, exchange and trade for this area.
The conceptual path from a road to a wine label and a site is long and complicated.
Libarna has always been one of the excellences of the area.
But in the past we weren’t in a position to create a network to enhance it.
In recent years, however, thanks to the consortium for the protection of the Gavi,
at the Serravalle Scrivia outlet, the latest generation of shopping centre that is attracting thousands of people, this became possible.
It seemed an important challenge to us.
So along with voluntary associations, municipalities and other overseeing authorities that manage the Fortress of Gavi,
we have put together a development project,
that places Libarna alongside the excellence of the area, of which the Gavi wine is a symbol.
As a tourist let me say that this is territorial marketing done very well.
Now that I know where I am and what used to be here
I can return to Gavi and to the wine.
Bon voyage!

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