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Italian Food & show cooking: Gavi and the stars

Let’s talk about food and wine with Bruno Barbieri and Andrea Ribaldone

The event “Di Gavi in Gavi” is devoted to wine and typical specialities from this area.

Here we are in the midst of several cooking-shows. It is a bit like going to the theatre, but it is the pots and pans, lids and multi-star-rated chefs that are appearing on stage.

This territory is extremely rich in products and the Gavi wine goes along with everything, both sweet and savoury. We met and had some talk with Bruno Barbieri and Andrea Ribaldone.


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Video full text: Gavi and the stars

Wandering around “from Gavi in Gavi”, the great event for wine and typical local products,
I have arrived in the midst of a cooking-show.
It’s a bit like going to the theatre, but it’s the pots and pans, lids and multi-star-rated chefs that are appearing on stage.
This territory is extremely rich in products, with this ethyl alcohol under current.
The enjoyable thing about this place is that this wine goes with everything,
with sweet and with savoury – it is a good wine.
I like the context very much, the people, the environment, the village and so on.
So how does the food and in particular the wine today manage to sum up the complexity of a world?
It is through food that we tell the history of our country from north to south.
People need to know that the recipes, the food, but also the wine change from house to house.
Gavi can be made in many ways.
Look at the ravioli, for example, here they’re eaten in three different ways.
The ingredients can vary, there are those of three different regions and it is an impressive combination.
I’ll leave Bruno Barbieri on stage where he is celebrating the union between a Gavi white and some typical products
and move onto the set of another super-star cook: Andrea Ribaldone.
How would you describe this wine in biochemical terms?
For a cook, wine is an ingredient, it’s an element.
Gavi is an extraordinary wine, with a hint of sapidity and a persistent lingering, it goes down very well.
A glass of wine and we start again with the food!
It cleanses, it helps…
Today, for example, we’ve created a combination with salted cod fish.
We douse it in the Gavi, after it has been coated with ricotta cheese, so that it becomes naturally creamy.
For a hint of fat, we need a sapid, acidic wine.
If it goes down well with fats, is it good for me?
Taste the cod fish, it has blended in perfectly.
Is it the wine that helps it to blend in? Let’s answer that with a tasting.
The wine has brought everything full circle, we’re ready to eat the risotto.
You’re indigenous, just like the cortese vine, so in what way does this wine depict what this territory is?
It’s a territory that has never been too easy,
a territory of conquests, it has the salt road and the route of the fish in barrels that came from Liguria and went back…
The summation of so many territories is here.
And this extraordinary wine represents all of these.
The cortese is a great vine and it’s not just me that says so, the numbers speak for themselves.
It is absolutely one of the world’s most highly regarded white wines.
A wine that manages to portray the complexity of an area.
You see if you can find it, it’s not easy!

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