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Web Serie: Aosta Valley Slow Tour

A land shaped by natural elements: mountains, stones, water and metals

Video List

  1. The megalithic area of Saint Martin de Corléans
  2. Donnas: the black rye bread
  3. Saint Martin de Corléans’ Museum
  4. The Great St. Bernard Valley
  5. St Barthèlemy Valley: Looking up at the sky, then and now
  6. St Marcel Valley: tasting some great cheese on the high pastures

A six-episode journey to discover Aosta Valley’s territory, shaped by its natural elements: mountains, stones, water and metals. Shaped also by its people who, since ancient times, have been able to adapt to the environment, finding the resources to develop connections, agriculture and crafts. We follow our reporter Syusy Blady on a historical-archaeological itinerary: the Aosta Valley from the Neolithic to the contemporary, between history, stories and myth. While Patrizio Roversi takes another path about agriculture and typical products that define landscape and identity!

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Filmed in collaboration with Aosta Valley Region

Italia Slow Tour

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