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Aosta Valley: tasting some great cheese on the high pastures

St Marcel Valley: breeding, grazing and milk processing. A closer look

Aosta Valley Slow Tour: looking for the PATs (traditional agri-food products, ed.), we reach St Marcel Valley to taste some local high quality cheeses produced on the high pastures.

Aosta Valley: St Marcel Valley view

Aosta Valley is a natural archaeological-gastronomic park: mankind came here 6 or 8 thousand years ago, first adapting to collect wild herbs and fruits spontaneously grown in the natural environment. Then we had farming, breeding, the dairy chain!

Let’s take a closer look at these interlinked steps visiting Ruben and Roberta’s farm in St Marcel of Champremier. Ruben breeds goats and sheep, Roberta takes care of transforming their milk into some quality cheese. There is Stefano too, the one who picks the wild herbs and get cooking.

Their work is precious and helps to preserve the land both physically and ideologically! Grazing means taking care of the undergrowth and containing hydro-geological instability, they also promote a healthy lifestyle, keeping agri-food traditions alive. Not least, the tourists once here can taste some great quality products and understand where they come from and how are they made: Food culture is also explaining the reason why a cheese tastes like that and how it does represent or affect the land it comes from.

The Aosta Valley is where past and future come together… But above all, where they’re eaten!

Filmed in collaboration with Aosta Valley Region

Italia Slow Tour

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