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Saint Martin de Corléans’ Museum

Inside the great Aosta’s Megalithic Area

Watching the first episode of Aosta Valley Slow Tour web serie, you can take a virtual tour of the megalithic area of Saint-Martin-de-Corléans. Let’s continue moving from the covered archaeological area to the actual museum, where you find the stele and other stuff proving the very long story of this place.

Aosta, megalithic area and medieval church
Aosta, megalithic area and medieval church

Let’s go back in time until the very first settlement of the valley, The mythical Cordela, turned into Aosta some time later, by the Romans. Reflecting upon alignments: astronomical phenomena that men has always used to observe, connecting with some divine manifestations.

The trio of astronomy, agriculture and religion was known about everywhere. It is particularly ancient in Saint Martin de Corléans and is very well depicted: there’s a great continuity of ritual from 4000 BC right up to the small medieval church, it too astronomically arranged.

Inside the museum, let’s take a close up to the stele and theirs symbols: the stele number 49 is the one of the spirals, the stele number 30 is the most decorated. They are 46, gradually restored and exhibited. The museum of the megalithic area is fascinating because once again it tells us how the populations of the world have always moved and met, mostly sailing, alla along the waterways both the sea and the rivers.

Filmed in collaboration with Aosta Valley Region

Italia Slow Tour

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