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Web Serie: Terre di Verdi & Parma slow tour

Giuseppe Verdi’s places: Busseto, Roncole, Sant’Agata on the path of the Master

Video List

  1. Parma: Verdi’s birthplace at Roncole Verdi
  2. Sant’Agata: Visit Villa Verdi
  3. Busseto: Verdi Theatre and Casa Barezzi
  4. Busseto: Welcome to the “Salsamenteria”

Slow Tour all around the so called Terre di Verdi (i.e. Vedi’s land), that is the places where the great Italian Master and Composer Giuseppe Verdi was born and lived. On his path, we visit Busseto, Roncole, Sant’Agata, small villages near the main city of Parma, the Italian Capital of Culture in 2020.

You can feel Giuseppe Verdi’s influence and soul still nowadays in the nearby: the tour starts at the old house where he was born, through the theater which got his name, a museum full of memorabilia, to the huge farm Villa he conceived to live of music and farming. But to pay omage to his grave you have to visit the Monumentale Cemetery of Milan.

Places on the map


Cover pic: Busseto, courtesy of Flickr User Xtaxta

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