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A Matildic Itinerary in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines

Gate Magazine issue 38 is here, the official ground magazine for the airports of Rome, filled with a variety of interesting topics. This time, our Italia Slow Tour section features a Matildic itinerary through the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, curated by Marco Melluso. It’s a journey through the symbolic locations of Matilda of Canossa, with a mention of a themed docufilm in which Syusy Blady portrays the Great Countess!

The travel section also includes other destinations: the Sorrento Peninsula, with its stunning landscapes and legends; Scottsdale, Arizona, a new celebrity hotspot where the weather is always sunny; an article by Alessandro Cecchi Paone about his unique cruise experience; and a piece on the Principality of Monaco exploring its culture, nature, and luxury.

You’ll also find event highlights for Rome and Milan, an article about the top 5 cocktail bars to visit, and a recommended trip along the Appian Way. There are interviews with musicians Mario Venuti and Ron, and with photographer Roberto D’Este. There’s ample focus on Italian craftsmanship, featuring the Rondinella brand, a leader in children’s footwear from the Marche region; the A. Mostes shipyard on Lake Como, known for its craftsmanship and design; and Colombo 1937, a luxurious handbag brand that turns bags into sculptures. In the wellness section, you’ll find tips on improving your sleep and the benefits of a wellness retreat for body and mind.

Gate Magazine issue 38 is available at the airports of Rome and online. Don’t miss this issue, packed with content to inspire your upcoming trips and your days filled with wellness and fun.

Italia Slow Tour

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