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The August issue of Gate Magazine (nr. 31) is a special edition entirely dedicated to travel advice, featuring a collection of itineraries and articles for vacations to be put into practice immediately or planned for the future! As you already know, Gate is a bilingual free press magazine in both Italian and English, distributed at the airports in Rome and also available in digital format at this link. The #italiaslowtour column has been around for quite some time now, and this month, we contribute with a reportage by Syusy about her recent camper tour in the Florence area, among the Medici Villas of Tuscany, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here are the other destinations you can find in this issue: Elba Island, the charm of biodiversity; Baja Sardinia, in northern Sardinia facing La Maddalena; the trails of the Cinque Terre, 18 km of scenic paths along the Ligurian coast; Ibiza beyond the night and the nightlife, between yoga retreats, villages, and untouched beaches. And then travels to Israel, between history, spirituality, and modernity; in the “historic triangle” of the United States; on cruises in the Mediterranean and beyond. News about Rome is also included, of course, from places to eat to the secrets of the Pantheon! And there’s an in-depth exploration of the wonders of San Severo.

To get a physical copy of Gate, you need to visit the airports in Rome, but the magazine is just a click away in digital format, ready to be read wherever you want!

Italia Slow Tour

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