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Read June’s Gate Magazine

Get a copy of the Italian and English airport free press in Rome

Read the June issue of Gate Magazine (issue 29) at this link, “The sea awaits you on board” by ship or plane to the hottest locations! The free press publication for the airports in Rome is called Gate, available in Italian and English, also digitally. Italia Slow Tour has a regular column that this time features an article by Ramona Cantelli on Termoli and the wonders of Molise, regarding beach vacations to be taken in June.

The cover story is “Summer on a Cruise” which explores new locations like Northern Europe or river navigation and is no longer merely a sort of holiday for couples. Speaking of the water, Southern Sardinia, a must-see, and Malta, for a jazz immersion, are also discussed. Virginia, the state where the United States originated, is the subject of an intriguing article by Ilaria Santi.

As usual, there is a focus on Rome, with articles about the Pantheon, the city’s oldest construction, and where to get the greatest sushi. Last but not least, there are the events that occurred not just in Rome but also in Milan and Turin. The Italian singer Jovanotti presents “Aracataca”, a documentary series on his cycling trip through South America. Other interviews with the Italian entrepreneur Santo Versace, the Italian actress Laura Chiatti, Butt Johnson, a fashion designer, and Norwegian photographer Marten Qvale. You can also find a piece on the autobiography of Phil Knight, the man who founded Nike.

There are in-depth pieces on male skincare, sun protection, and overcoming sleeplessness with mindfulness, as well as fashion and wellness for travelers. If you go via Rome’s airports, you may read the most recent issue of Gate Magazine in paper format, or you can access your digital copy at this link!

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