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Rome airport free press is available in both English and Italian.

Visit this link to read Gate Magazine’s July issue (n. 30), “Fly towards your summer“, full with helpful advice for exploring waterways. In addition to being available digitally, Gate is a free press publication that is distributed at airports in Rome. Italia Slow Tour has a regular column, and this month, it presents the narrative of a sustainable journey through the historic residences of the Donna Sicilia circuit, aboard an electric car from Sicily by car. “What do Sicily, an electric car, and aristocracy have in common?” We find out in Elisabetta Santi’s article.

In terms of travel, this issue includes articles about Slovenia, a green haven in the middle of Europe, the Cinque Terre paths, and the allure of biodiversity on Elba Island. You’ll find updates on events, festivals, and exhibitions between Rome and Milan, an article about the intriguing and seductive city of New Orleans and advice on beach getaways outside of Rome. The best hi-tech travel gadgets are covered in-depth, as well as wellness retreats.

This issue is also filled with testimonials and notable personalities, including interviews with actor Harrison Ford, Italian singer Mahmood, celebrity photographer Markus Klinko, and sculptor Flavio Favelli. Plus, a thoughtful reflection on the lessons of Piero Angela for the youth. You can receive a free copy of the new Gate Magazine issue at Rome airports, or read the digital version instantly at this link!

Italia Slow Tour

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