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Verdi’s Aida at the Arena of Verona

Do you like Opera? Verona is the place to be.

Do you like Opera? Verona is the place to be.

We’re at the great Arena of Verona to watch a performance of Verdi’s Aida, in the innovative version staged by Fura dels Baus.

This ancient Roman Arena has been used as a privileged stage for performing Opera since 100 years.

Do you already know the tale of Aida? Let’s take a quick review of the plot and take a look in the backstage. It is a unique experience that one just has to see, here in Italy, here in Verona!

Long live Verdi! Long live Aida!

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Video full text: Verdi’s Aida at the Arena

How wonderful, it’s full of tourists from all over the world!
We’re at the Arena of Verona to watch a performance of Verdi’s Aida.
The innovative staging and techno-set designs are by Fura dels Baus
The announcements are in all languages.
As the audience takes its seats, they’re getting ready backstage.
These statues of Anubis have a touch of sci-fi about them.
Anubis is the jackal-headed god who oversees death.
These statues are in the tomb where Radames is buried alive and where he will find Aida waiting for him.
It is a classical tale: two fathers, two daughters, and a young man in love.
One of the fathers is Amonasro, the king of Ethiopia, with his daughter Aida.
The other is the king of Egypt, with his daughter Amneris.
The two girls are fighting for the love of the young man, Radames.
It ends badly. But there is the triumphal march however!
Here’s Aida’s march!
Get ready, it’s about to start! Act 1, Scene 1.
Radames has begun to dream about his battle.
Quick! Here come the standards!
Behind the scenes they’re preparing the effects to bring onto the stage.
There are lots of people holding these luminous balls in their hands who are parading through the crowds.
The entire Arena is lit up by these bulbs.
A triumph of music and scenic effects right up to the triumphal march.
This is a triumphal car.
The triumphal entrance of Radames includes two mime artists who are pushing incredible objects.
The scenery comes together before our eyes, with hundreds of extras who are parading.
The drama unfolds, right up to the fatal stone.
That’s to say the lid to the tomb that traps the two unfortunate lovers inside.
The real fatal stones are those of the Arena of Verona.
It has been home to the essence of popular entertainment for 2000 years.
And for the last 100 years Opera as well.
It’s a unique experience that one just has to see, here in Italy!
Long live Verdi! Long live Aida!

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